CIYC 2018 Event Calendar and Cruise Schedule

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CIYC 2018 Event Calendar and Cruise Schedule



Location / Description

Fleet Captain / Person in Charge

January 20 Commodore's Ball - Buon Appetito, Brentwood CA  
February Crab Feed Diane Shoff
March 23-25 Grindstone Joe's Page's
April 13-15 Windmill Cove General Meeting Ted and JoAnne (docking)
April 27-29 Delta Yacht Club Ted and JoAnne Lyman
May 25-28 Stockton Yacht Club Billens/Christopher
June DBYC?  
July 4 Mandeville Tip Christophers / Maguires
August 3-5 San Joaquin Power Squadron Island Gary and Jance Page
August 17-19 'Go Fast in the Pond' 19th Annual Glen C. Scrimger Go Fast Mystery Cruise Christophers / Maguires
August 31 - September 3 Commodore Island Michael and Bernie Billen (Curt and Marsha Hayes - docking)
September 23-30 Down Bay - South Beach Harbor (26-30) and other locations Chip Maquire
October General Meeting Chip Macquire
November 16-18 Friends Giving - Mildred Bill Eck
December Officer's Month Off  


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